Thursday, June 6, 2019

Slant of Light or June Song...

A slant of light enchants our sight and draws our hearts to what we see
Where wonder wakes a thund’rous ache stirred by time’s new reality
The birth of blooms unearths the rooms we rush toward with bud-bred yen
As green ignites the keen delights of artist’s brush and poet’s pen

The brook that curves through nooks that serve up Satisfaction’s finest fare
Tosses a lure across the pure, unsullied sweep of sun-sweet air
It snares the string that bears the sting that weaves itself through what we’ve lost
And draws us to the awesome view of leaves on trees and lilac-frost

The norms we craved while storms engraved their signatures on icy panes
Burst on the scene in virgin green, crowning daydreams with daisy chains
As sanguine boon of May and June thrills us like Christmas Eve’s first snow
Hope is unfurled, Joy to the world spills from bells pink, purple, yellow

Morning is like a brand new bike we ride into the set of sun
The trails we blaze washed in a haze of happiness, long-winter won
Where summer beams like silver streams and bare feet dash along its banks
Where slant of light enchants our sight and fills our hearts with holy thanks

© Janet Martin

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