Friday, June 7, 2019

Moved By the Music...Birthday Musings

Life's best besides motherhood...gramma-hood!
When they come to visit my cup of joy is full!

I feel oh so humbly and thoroughly blessed
Each birthday, a gift from the One who gives Best
So dear God, I thank-you for what your hand lends
For beautiful blessing of fam’ly and friends
As oft, when the not-so-soft winds of change blow
They keep joy’s flame gleaming with love’s tender glow

So help me touch kindly the moments that fly
Soon set on sealed pages of ages gone by
My, my, what a twinkle a year has become
Each season like stanzas in life’s sacred sum
My, my, what a momentous measure is this
Soft-tucked between rise-‘n-shine and goodnight kiss

Let me live the moment lest I miss the bloom
Lest I miss the music that fills Now’s ballroom
Lord, let me live like This is all there might be
To splash wild the paint of  almost-memory
To revere the ripples that rush out of reach
To learn from the lessons that Time tries to teach

© Janet Martin

 Teach us to number our days,
that we may gain a heart of wisdom.
Psalm 90:12


  1. Oh such beautiful photos. What treasures. And you are just plain gorgeous! Love this, especially the last stanza. x

    1. these photos are treasures and this may sound a little morbid but as I went through a visitation this week for a friend's dad and started contemplating my own Most Certain Appointment I realized if they want to put a memory reel together someday they actually need photos! I'm usually the one behind the camera:)

      ...and my goodness you flatter me, but at this stage we take what we get so thank-you kindly;-0


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