Tuesday, June 18, 2019

How Oft a Mother's Heart Is Torn...

A few weeks ago at the supper table Matt asked me
 if I've thought of it that soon the last day of school-bus will be here!
I asked him (just kidding) if he hasn't been reading my poetry lately?!!
 ...its sentimental flavor due in part to this morning's Event!
 Today's 'last' is recognizable, unlike so many!
Last school-bus pick-up morning!

 Suddenly an ocean of emotion washes over me...
kinda like the first morning our firstborn climbed aboard the bus for kindergarten!

... as through a blur of tears years

 the era of school-bus mornings...


How oft a mother’s heart is torn in mournful celebration
As soft time’s tender art is borne from brush to contemplation
Swift, suave, the rush of days runs rife, gathering moment-measure
From common camouflage of love and life… to echo-treasure  

There is no time to miss the kiss that cools so soon, my darling
Ah, look, where darkness clenched its fist it uncurls in new morning
Where hearts and arms and eyes agape with firestorms of feeling
Can sense its recompense take shape before the grand revealing

Who knew that joy in all its glory veils such sacred sorrow
Or how the boy and girl leaps far too fast into tomorrow
Or as the air sparkles with stars of sweet and childish laughter
It swirls and pearls like paint dripped from jars molding ever-after

There is no time to stand and peer too long where one door closes
The hurt that love can engineer is worth its loss of roses
For always on the thorny stem that hoists the fading hours
Pulses a budded diadem, soft-bursting with new flowers

© Janet Martin


  1. Goodness, Janet, a gorgeous poem! The last two lines are a poem within a poem.
    We've been having a series of "lasts" lately...but the new "firsts" are beginning to unfurl :)

    1. thank-you Sasha...yeah, that's the thing to remember; lasts are always hinged to firsts! (and at our house 'first grand-daughter is giving us lots to grin about these day<3)

    2. Enjoy the grins! I keep forgetting you're a young (twice) grandma! In that pic of you with both grandchildren you look like you could be their mom.

    3. <3 that photo had kind lighting...seriously! And on Sunday after a very busy week I crashed after church and slept until quarter to seven in the evening, got up to watch the end of the U.S. open and went back to bed and slept all night! ...proof that I can't take it like I used to!

    4. You look great, Janet. I understand about sleep, though: with me it's been Saturdays. I literally cannot stay awake, and fall asleep the moment I put my head down. On Sunday I have a lot more energy, and by Monday I'm back to normal, and ready to go!

    5. :) that's the main thing...as long as we're good to go by Monday. right? most weeks I am too, thankfully!

  2. Absolutely. exquisite ❤️❤️ sharing with attribution!


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