Saturday, June 8, 2019


 Happy Birthday, Emily💓!
God bless you, dear daughter, as you begin raising one of your own
and discovering the joy for yourself...

There aren't enough pages to tell the whole of what daughters are but here's a peek!
This poem goes for all three of our beautiful daughters
but inspired today on the Birthday of our firstborn;
 the one who introduced me to a whole new world of wonder!
Can't wait to walk with you through your own journey of discovery💗
I can't BELIEVE it's 27 years since it began!

They’ll give you wrinkles laugh-lines
They’ll turn your head hoary
They’ll teach you lessons
You once thought you knew
They'll make years fly by
As love writes a story
Of bittersweet blessings
 Our mothers learned too 

They’ll make you weary
And make life worth living
They’ll make you prayerful
And careful and brave
They’ll make you teary
While stunned with thanksgiving
They'll make you grateful
To give all you have
They’ll make you feel older
And younger than ever
They'll try you then break you 
With laughter unfurled
So while you can, hold her
And hug her, dear mother
For daughters will make you
The best friends in the world

© Janet Martin

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