Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Let's Just Wait And See...

So, after getting winter-weary spring-wishers all excited a month ago because they predicted a swift, sudden mid-March spring, forecasters are now predicting a 'slower than expected start to spring in Ontario'! which makes me repeat what I always do when I hear a long-term forcast; 
"let's just wait and see" Today I read that Ontarions can perhaps expect a cooler than normal summer.  A month ago someone told me they heard we might have the hottest summer on record yet! 
I guess we;ll have to wait and see!
Today, BTW, was GORGEOUS!

Below is a delightful few lines from the book Bella Tuscany by Frances Mayes

Oh, let’s just wait and see
To guess at what may be
Is but to miss This Thing That Is
Slipping from you and me

Oh, let’s not fuss and fret
With words like What If, Yet
Let’s raise a cheer for Now and Here’s
Lithe bow and pirouette

Let loving fingers trace
This Very Present grace
Before we hold the ether gold
That softly took its place

So, let’s just smile and nod
As on we press and plod
Let’s make the best of Now’s request
And leave the rest to God

© Janet Martin

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