Friday, March 8, 2019

Color-wheel of Love

I think we broke the winter weekly sunrise record easily this week!
5 in one week?! wow! Thank-you, Lord. (And help our praise to be more than lavish lip-service!)

The deep dark starts to hint at tints of turquoise fringed with pink
As stars that studded midnight’s arc are softly snuffed, blink-blink
The slumber-silenced orb of earth senses whispers of light
The Troubadour of Time’s rebirth restores image to sight

Thought reaches for more than the trouble man is born to bear
Horizon-lines transfix our gaze with morning’s mercy-flare
For God does not forget the ancient promise that He made
As long as earth endures; summer and winter, night and day’

How swift the gift of day erases traces of night’s claim
Heaven declares God’s handiwork on fathoms without frame
As far as eye can see the sky showcases majesty
Beyond the reach of human hands’ erring propensity

God’s footstool beams where beauty streams and crests earth’s eastward banks
The best that we can give is love well-lived in humble thanks
Where, whether rain or shine the earth and its fullness thereof
Is held by the Divine Artist whose color-wheel is love

© Janet Martin

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