Sunday, November 1, 2015

Of Seasons Cast...

Are we ever drawn to contemplate seasons and their passage, quite like we do in Autumn?
Happy first day of November!

Inhale, exhale, time’s grail soft-pours dawn into darkened deep
A mist that bears our prayer and care, an ephemeral sweep
Where we keep only memories; each beg-and-brave surpassed
By voices that return across a sea of seasons cast

A ransom note for failure beams upon the gleaming east
God’s mercy lays before our gaze a grace-and glory feast
And we must choose how we will use the hues that pleading ply
Our dues before they sleep in coffins that swallow the sky

How soundless is the slipping of time’s softly-dripping toll
How ethereal the winnowing of that which strips the soul
How very real and certain is the curtain we call Death
How seasons startle reason and Imminence steals our breath

The rah of our aha is fickle as the fretting breeze
The satisfaction of our boast like leaves upon the trees
They flutter for a little while then fall beneath the charge
Of He who orders seasons to this little time-frame barge

Inhale, exhale, love’s grail soft-pours Mercy, a gushing stream
Of valor that dissolves the dark and sparks our humble dream
Where we keep only memories after it is surpassed
by voices that soon skim the brimming sea of seasons cast

© Janet Martin

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