Saturday, November 7, 2015

A New Day Climbs Time's Tresses...

Past scraggly troubadours etched black against a beaming scrim
A new day climbs time’s tresses as God blesses man once more
Through star-strung gates dark dissipates; ten million beacons dim
Where hymns of hope and wonder without reservation pour

How tall the sky, how small am I beneath its mighty blue
And what a multitude of holy blunder, human race
For Man is not a lost cause on some whim-tossed avenue
No, no; for us God fills, refills and spills love's jars of grace

Eons cannot contain the rubric of His faithful care
Again, again time’s wellspring with new measure thrills the skies
Forbid that we forget the One who tunes this cup of air
And never deviates from Passion’s blood-bought enterprise

A new day climb’s time’s tresses; the beauty of duty hails
Ah, what is man that we are privy to delights so fair
That we should drink the loveliness of earth from heaven’s grail
And touch the hem of mercy through the transport of a prayer

© Janet Martin

Have you stood beneath today’s Mighty Blue and thanked God for it?


  1. Beautiful. Ours wasn't blue today...more like gray-ish, but I am thankful anyway. ;-)

    1. Hi Jen,
      Yes, so much to be thankful for beneath any color of sky!

      Thank-you for your thoughts:)


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