Wednesday, November 25, 2015

What Majesty Ascribes the Air

What mercy bequeaths the deep?
Yonder skyline overflows
Breaks the vault of sable sweep
Unfolds new day like a rose

What Majesty directs Time’s helm?
…ascribes its Crusade of Air
Breathes upon dark-yonder realm
Like a purple-misted prayer

What bends heaven to the earth
Rends the awning ‘neath His throne
What attends this virgin birth
Ravishing our skin and bone?

What forgives and gives anew?
Binds the wounds of blame and shame
Draws from death’s dark avenue
Life and Light with kind acclaim

What, from ports of paradise
Beams, a beacon to this sod?
What astonishes our sighs?
Ah, it is the love of God

© Janet Martin

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