Monday, November 30, 2015

Fare Thee Well, November

November faded away in top form...
It turned out to be a perfect day to deal with a septic tank that needed pumping:)
...if there is such a thing as a perfect day for that; it could have been pouring rain or frozen ground
or snow storms, but it was a beautiful, sun-gold day!

November fades; a jaded rose
Surrendering to death’s repose
Like flowers in a garden where
Its bloom has bled each furrow bare

November dims; a solemn hymn
Drips from the stripped and dormant limb
Her dell is swathed in purple mist
A belle mantled and sorrow-kissed

November sighs; her tears run cold
And suddenly our eyes are old
And filled with visions of the past
Where stilled and sacred scenes are cast

November slips into the air
Like wisps of smoke climbing night’s stair
Into the vast and starry deep
To join past ages, fast asleep

© Janet Martin

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