Monday, November 30, 2015

Advent Song

Upon the air an Imminence of celebration wings
Come one all as we prepare for heaven’s King of kings
The advent of a Savior from the curse of Adam’s race
Where hearts regain love’s favor through the power of God’s grace

Beyond the ever-winnowing rudiment we call Time
The Hope of Man is founded and grounded in The Sublime
Come, join the noise of joy we raise to He who hears our cry
And lent to earth His heaven-boy, God’s love to satisfy

Surely this love that saves us is a universal song
For God so rich in mercy gave us Jesus, His own Son
Come, no one is exempt from Hope beyond death’s cold, dark grave
But whosoever will believe in Jesus He will save

Upon the air an Imminence of Holy Advent hails
For Christ the Lord, Emmanuel, for Love that never fails
Prepare the Way for He who comes, not to be born again

© Janet Martin

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