Monday, November 2, 2015

Surrender's Source

November's PAD Challenge Day 2;  For today’s prompt, write a surrender poem.

Temporal and eternal vie
Everything born is doomed to die
Soon morn surrenders to the air
Its virgin verve; hope, heartache, prayer
Veiled in an invisible tide
That sweeps the sprawling countryside

…in slow surrender to the stars
Where sometimes sudden silence jars
The inept reaches of the mind
Kindness and cruelty entwined
For everything that has a breath
Is on a one-way course to death

…and nothing can evade the clutch
Of Providence’s final touch
Hence, Youth and Truth and Wisdom vie
For everything with life will die
Save that which is not bound by force
The soul; it returns to Life’s source

© Janet Martin


  1. So glad you're taking part in November challenge - wouldn't be the same without your contributions.

    I'll be reading this month I think. I've been doing my own PAD in Russian - a crown of sonnets, actually a sonnet redoublé or heroic crown :-) I want it to be a gift to my niece and her husband on their "first month" wedding anniversary.

    1. Thank-you. I actually thought I might not but then I read the prompts and couldn't pathetic surrender without a fight:))

      Wow, your sonnet- gift will be more special than anything money can buy. I wish you well with it and if ever you translate it let me know!

    2. Glad you didn't put up a fight, Janet. Looking forward to your poems.

      Thank you for the good wishes. I'm very close to completing the crown: need to write two more sonnets. Hope they won't give me a hard time :-)

    3. Sending you a poet-to-poet prayer-hug:)

      Those 'hard times' are okay for a little but they are like mental labor pains if it lasts too long:(

      Praying you find the word sequences you are feeling!


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