Monday, November 16, 2015

Sh-h-h-h, Don't Tell!

Today on the sunny deck it feels like a mid-summer-day's dream...

Sh-h-h, don’t interrupt the sun
…she thinks its September
Maybe she was sleeping when
The clock changed to November

S-h-h-h-, don’t interrupt the blue
Pouring through bared tresses
Where we don’t know what to do
With such strange happinesses

Sh-h-h-h, don’t tell her what we know
We don’t mind her blunder
Soon, the wind-prankster will blow
Her faux pas asunder

© Janet Martin

Something had to be done
to make this November-summer day memorable
so while l'il guy slept
I painted my toe-nails bright pink,
 put on flip-flops  
and white sunglasses,
placed a pillow in the *willow tree,
climbed it
with a cup of tea
and the book Emily of New Moon

NO! I'm not crazy!!!
I'm a poet! ;-)-))

* the tree was actually maple but willow sounds more poetic  ;-0
The scenery was serene... 

...and now,

the very un-poetic conclusion;
tea-cup tips,
hits ladder
...breaks cup

Humbled Poet climbs from tree
soundly scalded (but no lasting burns)
and does what any sensible housewife would do...
Makes coffee and
spreads a quilt on the sun-warm deck...

Li'l guy wakes up and we sit out here and listen
 to the whole world singing:

Happy Days Are Here Again


  1. What a lovely life you have...I so see you doing this..:) I got out there too for a bit. My painting will never get done at this rate, but that's okay it'll wait.

    1. nothing is so important on a mild and sunny November day, that it cannot wait, at least that was my motto today:)

      My laundry room is have fall-cleaned. I'm going to get up early and finish it...maybe;)


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