Monday, November 2, 2015

The Perfect Size

Too small for school
Too small to skate
Too small to stay up late
Too small for all
The things tall brothers
Do ‘til half-past eight

Too small to tie my shoes
Too small to reach
The up-high shelf
Too small to understand the news
Or read
All by myself

Too small to walk the dog
Too small to count
Past one-two-three
Too small to button buttons
Or zip zippers
Or pour tea

But I am the right size to lick
The spoons when
Mommy bakes and cooks
I fit just right
In daddy’s arms
To read my bed-time story-books

I'm the right size to play
With toys and
Sleep with teddy bears
Or jump in a Big pile of leaves
I’m not too small
To say my prayers

Or ride my bike
Or try to be like
My big brothers too
And oh, I am
The perfect size
For hugs and ‘I love you’

© Janet Martin

'Look, Janet', little guy grins with pride, 'I made 'I love you' 

The little just-turned-three-guy I babysit (after being away for a few weeks) returned today, all smiles and sunshine!


  1. Oh, what a sweet poem! Having 5, 3 and one year old grandsons I can relate. :) I love his "I love you" sign. So cute.

    1. thank-you:) They certainly add lots of joy and laughter, don't they!? I loved his sign too and I thanked him with a great big baby-sitter I love you too-hug

  2. Precious. I'm going to read this one to my four-year-old granddaughter who gets frustrated because she has three older siblings who are "old enough". This one should be polished and turned into a children's picture book. Seriously.

    1. Thank-you for affirming a thought that crossed my mind. I am beginning with trying to get photos of the little boy I babysit for every page/verse and making one personally for him, then as I thought about it I said to my daughter how this is a poem that would be fun in a published kid's book.

      this little boy has two older brothers and often he will sit suddenly in frustration and wail when he can't keep up:)

      I really struggled with some of the lines in this one so it definitely needs tweaking but I am going to tag this one for critiquing at our writer's group and see what they think!

      Thank-you again:)


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