Saturday, October 31, 2015


Where merrily the moments drip
In pageants from Higher Command
We struggle, stumble, strive and slip
Through the onslaught of mercy-sand
That falls through autumn’s culling will
Until the world is still and stark
Save for the lisping whispering
Of raven pines against the dark

Where Verily the vale is stripped
Of melodies that stole the show
Not long ago; stiff and tight-lipped
The mighty minstrels wait for snow
To soften what they cannot hide
Bereft of summer’s laughing scrim
That comforted the passer-by
As vespers strummed an evening -hymn

Where warily we Want and wait
For that beyond our small control
While Author of grace litigates
On our behalf; skin over soul
And we empathize with the trees
Relinquishing their loveliness
The Master of Time’s piracies
Whispers hope to November-ness

© Janet Martin

Some Hallowe'en happiness;-)
 I bet you think I'm talking about the pumpkins and popcorn.
They were nice, but the best part was having Melissa home for a few hours!

This evening I took her to the bus-stop because she is working the night shift tonight,
then I came home and listened to this song


Then I called Jim and we both listened to it.
We've been long time Jackson fans...Alan that is;-)

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