Friday, November 20, 2015

Mercy Replies

 These pics only capture a whim of this morning's sunrise in full glory...
God has grand ways of getting our attention!

Touched by a light that hath no name
A glory never sung
Aloft on sky and mountain wall
Are God's great pictures hung...

Excerpt from John Greenleaf Whittier's poem Sunset on the Bear Camp

Dawn splays a backdrop of splendor to moments
Above time’s torment Faithfulness appears
As long as earth remains there will be morning,
Mercy renewed in the flight of night’s spheres

Star-seas unravel; we marvel as darkness
Beneath the gavel of grace yields its might
Love pours through eons in infinite pardon
Choirs of laughter rend dungeons with Light

Uplifted faces glimpse traces of Heaven
Ah, what is man that we should Thus behold?
Morning replies with skies utterly riven
Mercy replies with eyes poured full of gold

Dawn splays a backdrop of awe to earth’s stages
Where man fills ages with struggle-and-cope
Volume on volume of God-Mercy wages  
On our behalf threading pages with hope

© Janet Martin


  1. love the unfolding morning montage! reminds me of a little photo book i browsed years ago, comprised of a series of photos of the same street view taken from the same street corner every day. The subtle changes over time were a veritable time capsule - dress and hair styles of passersby, shop window displays across the street, changes to visible buildings.
    I also love your internal rhymes in this piece - they propel and pick up the pace.
    Plus love your Whittier poem link.
    There's just a lot of love going on today - Thanks for doing your part to instigate!

  2. Cyndy, first, Thank YOU for spreading the love...that book would be a riveting poem without needing a word! what a great idea and what patience it takes to complete such an idea! thank-you secondly for noticing the internal rhyme:) Sometimes i feel like a kid in Kindergarten trying to learn and apply new things.

    I read that Whittier poem a few times, blown away equally each time! I thought of you when I shared the link. Glad you dropped by;-)
    Have a great week-end.


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