Monday, July 5, 2010

To Make It Work.....

Sometimes we say I’m sorry
Just to calm the tide
When deep inside we’re still quite sure
Our actions were justified
And sometimes we bite our tongue, its true
When another’s words anger or irk
But sometimes we do what we have to do
Just to make it work…

Sometimes we walk that second mile
Not because we’re good
But simply because it’s what we’ve been taught
So we do what we know we should
And sometimes we might even take the blame
When others their duties shirk
We do what we need to in love’s good name
Just to make it work

There’s no keeping score when it comes to love
There’s give and give without take
There’s keeping our mouth shut when we’d like to yell
And there’s over-looking that repeated mistake
We all fail at times to do as we should
We each have our own strange quirk
And we all need to repay that unkind word with good
Just to make it work

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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