Saturday, April 1, 2023

April PAD Challenge Day One

Happy, happy April!!

 For today's prompt, write a foolish poem.

I love clipping branches in mid-March 
then bringing them indoors to watch them unfold!
(Pussy-willow, bridal wreath and apple boughs!)


Foolish to pout, fume, fuss/cuss and fret
Spring never has lost its way yet

Foolish to leap before we look
Then rue the foolish leap we took

Foolish to think if we veto
The truth somehow it isn't so 

Foolish to trust in the façade
Of dust to dust, rather than God

Foolish to live as if the soul
Was nothing but a donut hole  

Foolish to wish for what once was
and miss What Is, 
in wishing's Because

Foolish to lament growing old
While licking cones of moment-gold 

Foolish to scorn the wisdom of

Janet Martin

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