Tuesday, October 15, 2019

We Could Focus On Fear Or...Faith

Let's face it; there are real, legitimate fears but it is futile to make them our focus.
Rather we should take them to God and plead on their behalf!

We could focus on fear that feels like it finds footholds in our gut
We could tremble and sink into doubt and despair’s engulfing rut
When we feel like a vessel lost or leaves tossed on a reckless gale
We could focus on fear or cling to promises that cannot fail

We could focus on what we see rather than Evidence Unseen
Self-pity could cry ‘woe is me’ and pine for ‘not-mine’ pastures green
Unknown, like a blood-thirsty beast could seem to stalk us like doomed prey
And we could be a sorry feast or cling to He who knows/IS The Way

We could focus on what we wish when God’s love leaves our spirits stung
To wrest from faith the size of it; to test the prattle of the tongue
We could focus on fear that paralyzes like a viper’s sting
Or we could fold fear into prayer and just trust God in everything

© Janet Martin


  1. A gorgeous truth in poetry. This is amazing Janet! Your writing is prolific and stunning!

  2. Carrie, thank-you so much for your visit and these kind words! We all have our own fears to lay before God, don't we?!

  3. We just memorized "Whenever I am afraid, I will trust in You." Ps. 56:3 as a family. And I am realizing how often I have fearful thinking! Your poem is a great reminder where to place our faith and focus when fear floods us!

    1. Though 'He has not given us a spirit of fear/timidity', it's so easy to fall into that trap! Thank-you for this verse. i am carrying it with me today!


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