Wednesday, October 30, 2019

How to Make The Most With What We Have...

 Excerpt from Ann Voskamp's FB devotion today...
 If you let something steal your thanks?
You let something steal your joy,
And if you let something steal your joy?
You let something steal your *strength.* 
"The joy of the Lord is your strength" Ps 5:11.

We give thanks to God -- not because of how we feel
but simply because of Who. He. Is.
Ann Voskamp~

This little post helped set my mind on things above, not on things of the earth this morning!
How about you? How to you manage what/who masters your mind? 

Sharing yesterday's sunrise pics because they were far more colorful than today's wet-gray...
but beyond that let's leave yesterday where it is and concentrate on today before
it is tomorrow's yesterday!

To make the most with what we have is the best we can do
We leave behind the dust of yesterday to start anew
Where seasons rise and fall like waves that surge and disappear
While we are always caught upon the crest of now and here

To make the most with what we have must begin in the mind
A powerhouse of potential, we all are thus designed
To obey thought’s persuasion; where the ruler of its roost
Inspires deed’s direction as its power is unloosed

To make the most with what we have can throw us quite a curve
Because the thoughts we entertain become the gods we serve
Thus it comes down to this; the thoughts we think are paramount
The wells from which we drink to fill its thirst none should discount

To make the most with what we have demands our uttermost
Therefore we ought to pay attention to the thoughts we host
For, what may seem contained behind a wall of skin and bones
Is that which ultimately will arrange our steppingstones

To make the most with what we have is not some trite cliché
It begins in the mind that begets all we do and say
Therefore to make the most or best is quite impossible
If we draw from a cesspool then expect a miracle

© Janet Martin

A great message on how to live victorious lives!

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