Thursday, October 31, 2019

End of 'October' Poem...

Fall fades in flying colors as lawns don leaf-decoupage
Treetops relinquish laughter, stripped of summer’s camouflage
October’s beaming lanterns dim as wicks of wood are doffed
And earth is enveloped in hymns where waning whispers waft

Wishes and wonder rival although Time is nothing new
Its struggle for survival oft surprises me and you
Where season’s changeless charter gathers in as it imparts
An echo-laden harvest that we harbour in our hearts

Autumn arranges landscapes in a sudden soulful lull
As it estranges leaf from tree in earth’s intrinsic pull
Where all of life, no matter how rife, rich or bold its claim
After its numbered days are spent returns from whence it came

Fall fades in flying colors; we feel like its next of kin
Surrendering the height of bloom for what is setting in
Where seasoned season-spenders, by merit of Mercy’s gift
Are drawing ever nearer to the Hand that heals the rift

© Janet Martin


  1. Beautiful. Both the poem and the photos are so lush. And I feel the same, though Time is nothing new, I am still surprised, still astonished, each year at the beauty of each season. I think it must delight God to see us so delighted at His creation every season!

    1. thank-you Jen! it's easy to let the busyness of life distract or blind us! I always feel better after a good soak in season-change (aka God's amazing ways of surprising us again!) delight! I love the imagery of God delighted and smiling as we are truly and grandly delighted by Him!


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