Monday, October 28, 2019

Exposition of Fall's Fruition

 The first verse of this poem was written on Saturday morning then duty prevailed, partly
so I could take fresh pie to a get-together celebrating my five favorite 'f' words...
family, friends, fall, fellowship and food!

This morning Victoria and I could do more than 'wish to wander'. We did.

Tree sheds its maroon halo in a mantle round its feet
The thread that wove its shadow cartwheels across yard and street
Time’s stark realities that do not spare the heart it seems
Are razor-sharp and easily slice through the skin of dreams

The chill wind is a fist that grips us by our swaddled scruff
And scolds us like a child in tones that feel a little gruff
And still, we cannot get enough where sweet and bitter meld
Leaf-petals waft as soft as thoughts of newborns we once held

The breeze through brittle cornfields sounds like summer’s midnight rain
I close my eyes and almost feel July steal through again
And I am glad that some things never lose their ‘my-oh-my’
Like distant fringe of blue-mauve hills that hinges earth to sky

A pageantry of pleasantries poses before it pools
The loom that weaves the plume begins exposing wooden spools
Yet fills our gaze with wonder as if we had never seen
The autumnal unraveling of gold, red, orange and green

The grace that grants the glance that soon we chase with rake and broom
Like unorthodox dancers in a four-season ballroom
Is the same grace whereby we weather winter’s chilling Must
And helps us brave the tether that teaches patience and trust

Creation heeds its Master, never sacrificing awe
Where Beauty breeds new beauty while subject to nature’s law
It does not grapple with the author of Authority
But yields what soon will dapple fields with life’s shucked filigree

Tree sheds its crown of glory, sort of like a jewel-storm
We feel a little sorry for its naked, gnarly form
But still are drawn toward its brooding, wooing masterpiece
Where the Creator’s touch stirs praise that will and cannot cease

© Janet Martin

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