Monday, October 21, 2019

Creation's Example

Tis the season when believers and atheists alike
 agree that creation/nature in autumn is a beautiful thing! 

Inspired in part by Autumn and Psalms 104

Praise the Lord, my soul.
Lord my God, you are very great;
    you are clothed with splendor and majesty.
Psalm 104:1

The world may try to ban His Name with bold and calloused ignorance
And they may plan with foolish fame to put their faith in luck and chance
And they may claim with shameless scorn that Holy God does not exist
While poised upon the brink of morn all grace and mist and mercy-kissed

...and all around creation spills God’s autograph in ridge and rills
And all around creation hails God’s artistry in woods and vales
And all around creation cries God’s name in sod and sea and skies
And all around creations rings with praise fit for the King of kings

The world may boast and raise a toast to lesser gods of rust and dust
And they may dare to scoff at prayer and make a mockery of trust
And they, of darkened understanding may think death is but a grave
Pitiful and uncomprehending of the love mighty to save

While all around creation shouts God’s majesty while the fool doubts
And all around creation heeds God’s providence in buds and seeds
And all around creation yields God’s goodness from orchards and fields
And all around creation brims with God’s Eden-anointed hymns

The world may try with every lie to prove the nothingness of God
The bird, the bee, the butterfly might get a scientific nod
And with great faith they embrace ‘likely theories’ grandly unfurled

While all around creation beams God’s glory in fountains and streams
And all around creation plays God’s music in ten-thousand ways
And all around creation fills God’s framework with valleys and hills
And all around creation frees God’s wink in mountains, flowers, trees

The world may make a lot of noise while trying to disprove I AM
Pity the one made in His image who insists God is a sham
Pray they may find the Way the Truth the Life before it is too late

© Janet Martin

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