Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Fall Falls...

 Little Girl and I spent what might be the final morning under a canopy of golden-leaf...

Our trees tend to lose their leaves almost overnight in the next week or so
and with all the cold and rain in the forecast fall will fall fast!

Fall falls in frost-kissed embers decking earth with nature’s dirge
Fall falls in flutters of farewell too copious to count
Fall falls from lofty lattice in a collaborative splurge
Fall falls in flower-showers from orchard and forest fount

Fall falls in notes of music from mottled, mosaic chimes
Fall falls in little love-letters from He who gives and takes
Fall falls in benedictions layered over fading climes
Fall falls in lullabies across lost gardens spring awakes

Fall falls in wordless madrigals that steal our very breath
Fall falls in annual estrangements; bud to bloom to earth
Fall falls from heights of glory to life’s end of story, death
Fall falls into the Hand that cups a casket primed with birth

Fall falls in Beauty’s free-for-all-to-behold, bittersweet
Fall falls in golden fathoms no merchant or thief can steal
Fall falls from vaults above us to A Vault beneath our feet
Fall falls in tears where woodlands weep and wait for spring to heal

Fall falls in wonder times ten-thousand ways a leaf can waft
Fall falls and calls to mind the cherished leap of childhood’s day
Fall falls and tucks the world beneath a blanket, whisper-soft
Fall falls prey to the wind that wails and steals earth’s shawl away

Fall falls in silver sparkles from a forge beyond our reach
Fall falls in darkling shadows over autumn’s afternoon
Fall falls in shattered rainbows strewed like shards of rose and peach
Fall falls in leaf-shaped pixies that dance to the Piper’s tune

© Janet Martin

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