Friday, October 18, 2019

Autumn Supper Hour (or ten minutes ;-)

 It takes a  lot longer to make a meal appear than disappear, huh?!!

I would like to start a what's-for-supper weekly post.
and the plan was to do it last night but that didn't work out
so here it is, the morning after...

I got a Pampered Chef pizza stone recently and finally had a chance to try it out! YUM!!
(google a pizza dough recipe that works into your time-frame) 
Also, had to settle for cheddar cheese instead of mozzerella because I didn't have any on hand. 
(Pizza is one of the most versatile foods I can think of!)
With the leftover pizza dough I made a few cheese rolls so we had the option of rolls or pizza with bean soup I prepared earlier in the day after cooking a ham bone the day before.
Skim fat then to the broth I added in proportion to pot and broth-batch-size,
a lot of thinly sliced onions, thinly sliced cabbage, some chopped celery, 
precooked black beans and navy beans, a handful of chopped parsley, 
a hefty pinch of black pepper and some bay leaves...
(for extra flavour I added a few envelopes of onion soup mix as well.)
I would love to know what extra seasonings would work 
with this combination so that I can keep it 'pure'!
(I added no salt because ham broth and soup mix is salty)
Add water, in proportion to batch size for desired flavour and consistency.

The delight of the supper crowd, (aka Matt and Victoria) was SO worth the effort!
Made supper feel like a simple celebration for a work day completed...well almost. 
(there's always the cleanup after.)

this is what yesterday's day-end felt like...

The rush of rain has eased; the trees bedazzled with its gems
Blue and gray weave a brooding blanket tossed across the day
The colours of October flare and dim on wooden stems
As twilight layers deepen and fold outdoor worlds away

Suppertime, like a simple celebration, warms and cheers
The lights of home beckon and draw our weary loved ones back
The Thing that turns us older as it spins laughter and tears
Is sweeter round a table where dusk trails night’s veil of black

…and makes us count the simple blessings that haste overlooks
It wakes a wordless hymn where time is both tender and brusque
And stirs an ache for pages sealed in fond echo-bound books
Yet makes us more aware of what slips through us dusk by dusk

The day is gathered in; darkness harvests earth's gold and red
We bow our heads in gratitude where swift the seasons roll
Thankful that Time slows down a bit in bowls of soup with bread
As supper’s simple celebration warms body and soul

© Janet Martin

After watching some pizza-dough-tossing videos I decided I'd like to learn to toss it like a pro!
Ha-ha! practice is required if you don't want to look like a snowman! 

Here is one video to teach the art of tossing a pizza crust
(note; some say never use a rolling pin to roll out the crust but rather just press with your hands)
I've tried both ways and the pizza disappears regardless! 😉


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