Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Weaver's Song

The Weaver of earth’s wonders fills
His loom with color, then it spills
To we, spectators on a pew
Of violet-gold-green-crimson-blue
Where everywhere we turn, we see
Inscriptions of God's Majesty

How faultless every tint and blend
Sunrise, sunset; threads wed and wend
To weave a tapestry of days
Where oft we pause, dumb-struck, amazed
To be refilled with awe once more
At what we thought we saw before

Mortality's voracious bent
Drinks up each hour, heaven-lent 
And often without thought of love
Tramples upon the art He wove
But still The Weaver does not pause
But fills His loom with Mercy's gauze

...where days are like The Weaver’s Song
And nothing stays the same for long
As seasons bloom then fade into
The loom that turns the old to new
And ever recaptures the gaze
Of spectators refilled with praise

© Janet Martin


The earth is the LORD'S, and the fulness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein.


Father of earth,
You know this dust
Then teach her to
Believe and trust 

Deception's vice
Entices, wild
Father, I pray
Protect Thy child

...and let her not
Succumb to doubt
Or fear, Lord cast
These demons out

Father of earth
Help her resign
And reconcile
Her will to Thine



  1. Beautiful visual and descriptive images Janet. Thank you for capturing the beauty of Our Creator's world. P

    1. Good morning, Pat and thank-you for your visit and thoughts! SO much beauty to behold in each season.

  2. Love the meadow flower views woven with your words! So true how the supposed same view reveals new beauties if we pay attention.

    1. I'm so glad, being a day-care provider and home 99% of the time, we can be wowed every day if we open our senses to the wonder of it all. I'm blessed to have a sweeping vista from my front windows to keep me wow-full.


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