Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Of Pleasantries and Present Tease...

Poetic Bloomings Prompt day 5: from a poem you can read here

Outside the window the world is full of green and gold and blue
Sometimes it seems time mocks us in its tick by tock ado
I check the clock too many times a day, I say, do you?
As windows frame a summer-world where winter-white ran through

The garden leaps to shake our hands and kiss our dusty feet
This Thing that weds then sheds its bands has bled to heads of wheat
And soon high noon, like June, will fall where nothing can compete
Save new day splayed where seasons trade the bitter with the sweet

This way we pass but once wakens awareness of a place
Where none, when they have gone to it returns to human race
And therefore we can only guess what waits where gates embrace
A violet-misted veil betwixt, of season-salted lace

Come, wash your face, set cups and plates; don’t fret about the hour
For all that time forgets it whets its grindstone with a flow’r
For all it takes it grafts from our mistakes a keener pow’r
To gaze with fresh amazement at Time’s daze of sun and show’r

© Janet Martin

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