Saturday, July 2, 2016

The Entertainment World of a Country Girl

The great outdoors
Was the only orchestra she ever heard
Half-shut eyes ‘neath cloud-fluffed skies
Held picture shows thought-blurred

Singers were boys and girls best-dressed
Four-part harmony cool
In Christmas carols to moms and dads
At a concert in a two-room school

And entertainment was a shallow brook
Where minnows and tad-poles played
She traveled the world in story books
On a barge of willow-shade

Sometimes she would sit past the barn on a hill
Watching a highway holding campers and cars
And she wondered where all 'those people’ go
Then she would lie back and count stars

Freedom was free as the wind that blew
Through the only world she knew
Of field and firth, heaven on earth
On a stage grass-green, sky-blue

© Janet Martin


  1. Emily Dickinson couldn't have said it better :)

    1. highest praise indeed accepted with a most humble 'thank-you:)


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