Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Summer Leaves Weave Poetry

From the eaves of former days
Shimmer leaves of poetry
Time is restless and its gaze
Utters changes with changeless ease
Tick and tock, the hours lock
Metered mist of moment-dross
Gleaning fortunes from the clock
Sealing vaults with treasured loss

While Time’s golden prime is lent
To earth’s field and flowered lanes
While the leafy tree is bent
Until autumn weans its strains
While we fight old-fashioned wars
With weapons of new-born dreams
While nature and mortal spars
And in the end, nature wins

...Turning eaves of green to gold
Binding sheaves of memory
While we learn how to grow old
Summer leaves weave poetry
Summer weaves leaf-poetry

© Janet Martin

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