Friday, July 1, 2016

O, Canada

“But Mom, if the foundation of anything gets removed, what is built on it will fall”, our teen-age son voiced his concerns as we discussed the moral decline of both Canada and the United States of America.

One of my most cherished books is Mr. Jones, Meet the Master.
Below is a sermon Keepers of the Springs, preached in the 1940's by Peter Marshall, and all the more relevant today! (click on images to enlarge for easier reading)
(though preached to Americans its message is equally applicable to Canadians, as is the prayer on the last page!)

Oh, Canada, lest you become
A nation to God’s Presence numb
A nation without thought or prayer
To He who holds us in His care…

O Canada, lest you forget
The Foundation forefathers set
O pray, the God that led them here
Is He whom we choose to revere

O, Canada, still strong and free
How certain your downfall will be
If we reject the Cornerstone
That this country was founded on

O Canada, of cities grand
Fresh-water lakes and rich farmland
Your freedom beckons throngs to come
So they may call Canada ‘Home’

O, Canada, your future waits
Then pray the keepers of its gates
Before we are a land bereft
Will salvage what footing is left

© Janet Martin

We, the people, not the politicians, are the keepers of its gates/springs. 
Pray we accept this charge with holy awe!

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