Sunday, July 3, 2016

Mid-summer Madrigal

Poetic-blooming Prompt day 3: a mid-summer night's dream or anything mid-summer. Because of the prompt I attempted adding a Shakespearean twist to this poem...

Thy kinship captures hearts; since Time began
Thou lavishest thy art on earthy span
And ravishest the dreamer with desire
A rose can set the soul of Her afire
Thy rooming-house of flowers none can tame
Or build a wall about thy sky-wide frame
Nay, free to one and all thy citadel
Of star-strewn hill and rill, and wild-bloom fell
Of shoreline tinged with lime and gentian-blue
Of garden fringed with pearl of midnight dew
Of wayward wind-in-willow-harp nocturne
That rouses sparks where echo-embers burn
Of cup that runneth over with a tide
That primes the blush of clover and young bride
Of fledgling falt’ring on the highest limb
Where wanderlust will get the best of him
…where poet-dreamer-lover intertwine
‘Til none can tell the flower from the vine

© Janet Martin

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