Friday, July 29, 2016

Summer Or Is It Just the Wind?

It moves, a green tide through blue-dappled leaf arches
It rolls, a gold glimmer through barley and wheat
It sweeps like a southern belle through open porches
It chases the tumble-weed, tickles bare feet
Now rising, now falling, now sighing and moaning
Nature’s formless vagabond roams land and sea
Teasing and seizing, cajoling and honing
Each summer-sweet morning into history

© Janet Martin

Where and how did July go in a such a flash ?! 
Ah yes,
Flower by flower, 

ebb by flow, 
splish by...



  1. So glad your summer is passing with the best of waymarkers!

    1. Cyndy, your comments have the best phrases in 'the best of waymarkers! love it.


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