Tuesday, July 26, 2016


This morning summer climbed my porch like a yellow cat, warm and lazy...

Poetic Blooms prompt: day 26: metaphors and similes

Summer morning climbs over the hill
To sit on my porch like a yellow cat
Licking its paws
Before it slips through the underbrush
To become part of
The World That Was

Little girl laughs; Leaps, limber and lithe
Through a blue and gold afternoon of
Summer art
Before she slips from ribbons and curls
Scattering mementos that mother folds
And holds in her heart

Summer dusk fills its melting pot
With the rise and fall of Time’s
Latest foray
Before it too falls prey to the reaching way
Of midnight's melding, the shaky, black gelding
Stands, then gallops away

© Janet Martin

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