Monday, August 1, 2011

Very Fine Company

…its song rises around me
As the sun slips from the brink of the sky
The air is heavy with turquoise and silver
And the rippling crescendo of a crickets lullaby

On some nights…
… the twilight falls from the tresses
Tinted with scarlet, amber and rust
Tonight I can almost touch it as it rises
In a throbbing cadence from the dew-laden dust

The blue shadows tremble with yearning
Succumbing, it seems, to the memories they bring
I know…to the past there is no returning
And sadness is not a terrible thing

Alone in the silent surrender
Where daylight folds into the moon-softened mist
Thoughts return…warm, raging and tender
Of moments once cradled and cherished and kissed

There is nothing to scatter the stillness
Save for the breezes that rise, just to die
I feel you closer in the deepening darkness
Almost I see the light in your eye

I wish you were right here beside me
Tonight I wish that you could not sleep
But thoughts of you always seem to find me
And thoughts of you are very fine company to keep


Tonight I 'wrote' some of this in my head while I was running…
It was almost dark when I returned…and so quiet.
The road I run on is closed due to bridge construction
so there is no traffic, and a few times I could hear almost perfect silence…
…well, if you don’t count my heart beating, and huffing and puffing and footsteps and crickets…:))

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