Friday, August 26, 2011

His Name...

What was his name?
He asked softly
As he caught the look of longing
In my eye
What was he like?

Oh, his gaze was as blue
As the azure sky
His smile was as fair
As summer sunshine
Time did not exist
In his pleasant arms
We could walk for miles
For the night was warm
We didn’t think about minutes
As we spent carefree hours
Wandering through oceans
Of nodding wild flowers
Pleasure was sitting
At the brink of dawn
Or simply strolling
Across dew-kissed lawn
I didn’t appreciate him
Nearly enough
Or spend my time thinking
Of it as love…

What was his name?
He heard my wistful sigh
As I replied simply
His name was…


  1. Okay. You can do free verse too. Do you dream in verse?

  2. Mike,

    Just snatched a moment in my Saturday morning chaos to read your comments. You are too kind.Someday they will admit me to 'crazy poet' clinic:)...I'm not sure what I dream in...but my thoughts spill into verse now and then...okay, often.

    Shoot, I just thought of something I want to write, but there peaches waiting to be canned,laundry to hang out, a house waiting to be cleaned, my son just asked me if I could possibly make a peach pie, cucumbers to wash and pickle...then again, housework never smothers my muse.:)

    Thank-you again. you have encouraged me immensely. Recently I have experienced a very intense love/hate for my writing!


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