Monday, August 15, 2011


There are times we neglect
To feel the moments we are in
But tonight I feel them keenly
In the murmur of the wind
And waves that melt into dusk’s helm
A pink metallic sheet
Reaching to the distant realm
And over my bare feet

I feel a blend of gold and blue
Clutching the remains
Of an afternoon with you
Beneath time’s loosened chains
Fading into the molten deep
Where cloud caresses sea
And all that I have left to keep
Are bits of memory

Tonight, I feel a languid tune
Rushing out to clutch
Life’s brevity; a restless croon
With haunting, tender touch
The endlessness of vaulted skies
The vastness of the sea
Are enormities that are dwarfed tonight
By oceans inside of me…


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