Friday, August 19, 2011

Bittersweet Content

A perfect dog-day afternoon
Sprawls beneath a sky
Of hazy sun and lazy cloud-ships
Slowly drifting by…
Warm zephyrs taunt, beg, implore
I gaze longingly at the door…

The cricket’s rippling serenade
Begins today at noon
I long to stretch beneath the shade
And revel in its tune
The minutes tick, the clock strikes four…
I gaze longingly at the door

A golden pear drops to the grass
A sound I cannot hear
Summer’s moments ticking past
To mark another year...
I stir the applesauce, sweep the floor
And gaze longingly at the door…

A growing child gets hungry
Regardless of the sun
Cleaning, cooking, laundry
Waiting to be done…
August bleeds across earth’s shore
I walk heedlessly through its door…


Yes indeed! I'm taking a break, Coffee in hand...
Duty wields a tireless command
Summer is fading as I speak
Housework will still be week:)

I'll go 'pick' some supper:)

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