Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Sentimental...or Autumn After Dark

Melancholy murmur moves
through woodland’s waning roof
Wind, now wild and overbearing,
now a child, aloof
Summer, sweet, sweet summer,
like a flower-filled mirage
Flickers in the rustle
of fall’s colorful collage

An essence broods, torn between
 the pleasure and the price
Seeking affirmation but
receiving sage advice
Earth is like a festival
 decked in nature’s pizazz
Autumn yards and boulevards
like bars of bluesy jazz

And all of it together chills
 and thrills me to the bone
Like listening to Kenny
on an alto saxophone
I’ll take the ache of farewell
for the sake of hello
Break my heart but linger longer, love,
before you go

Leave me, oh, but leave me wiser
than the morn we met
Grant me the memento
of a day I can’t forget
Let me blush beneath the kiss
you brush upon my brow
Let me be the girl that some think
Time un-twirled somehow

River is a ribbon
of metallic ebony
Carries little leaf-boat
to uncharted destiny
Rain-song stipples puddles,
strums the merlot maple arc
Composing a melody
of autumn after dark

© Janet Martin

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