Monday, August 1, 2016

Of Another Summer

Happy August 2016!

These are the days of harvest
The gathering of hours
As summer fills and drains the trove
Of fields and trees and flowers

These are the days of labor
The tending of a plot
Where soon the wave of summer wanes
To graves of afterthought

These are the days of glory
Childhood is unrestrained
Upon the verge of history
Its splurge of bloom is chained

These are the days of learning
That Time will wait for none
A shimmer snuffed where outstretched hands
Sift seasons swiftly spun

These are the days of travel
Pursuit and retreat mesh
Beneath the gavel of blue skies
Time tries the trust of flesh

These are the days of summer
A haze of color weaned
To pages filled with poems of
Another summer gleaned

© Janet Martin

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