Monday, August 15, 2016


Summer drip-drips and slips into the grip of days gone by
It glides and slides into the wide, wide world of Frozen Past
It gleams; streams with new daydreams through the blue, bottomless sky
It flits in flower-petal bits, a bright-winged color-cast

Summer sweeps, laughs and leaps from deep to deep, hello-farewell
It croons in tunes of willow-swoon and crick-crick-cricket-lay
It blushes, gushes, rushes, hazy hush and daisy dell
Ah, summer tolls in budded bells and rolls through fields of hay

Summer spills, fills and drains the hills of green to brittle bronze
It gallivants and dances like a girl with yellow hair
It wafts, to lofts of yesterday, in soft-spun sun-warm yawns
Ah, summer raves in turquoise waves across fresh graves of Where?!

Summer drones in heat-weary groans hungry for sweater-hours
It dapples lawns with shadow-art and kisses apple-trees
It tickles poplar tresses, trickles down our backs in showers
Then turns each peach-beach-splash-dash-day to summer memories

© Janet Martin

This summer seems busier than some, somehow. 
Sometimes one simply has to stop and bleed some summer-ink into poem before it disappears!

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