Friday, August 5, 2016

Guess We All Needs a Bit o' Trouble

Gardening can be quite discouraging, especially when drought and blight join forces.
I was out just now, bemoaning the withered plants...

...when near to me lands a beautiful swallowtail butterfly!
Beauty midst broken...

Guess we all needs a bit o' trouble
To learn to be truly glad
‘Cause we would live in a bubble, love
If good days was all we had

Guess we all needs a bit o’ cryin’
To taste laughter’s sugar full-fold
An’ we all needs a bit o’ gray, darlin’
To appreciate the gold

Guess we all needs our share o’ losin’
To humbly receive a win
An' I guess if we gets too full o’ ‘gettin’
We all needs a punch on the chin

Guess we all would get lazy an’ fat
If we didn’t needs to work so hard
Guess we all needs trouble an’ that
To learn to trust in God

Guess we all wouldn’t learn to pray
If we had all that we wish
Guess we all needs to be more 'they'
An’ a little less selfish

We all needs to make a livin’, yep
But we should be givin’ a lot
‘Cause we all often needs each other’s he’p
'an each other is all we got

© Janet Martin

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