Monday, August 15, 2016

The Path of Circumstance

I stand in the golden halo of a new-born day, 
so glad to know the God that knows 
its every come-what-may

The path of circumstance is unpredictable; its dust
Is full of potholes, hills and dips; no detour large enough
And sometimes things we thought that we could not endure, we must
The hardships of this life, the strife that makes us long for love

The way of days winds through the open countryside and trees
And summer flower-gardens scattered on yon windswept slope
It does not oft prepare us for its vale of agonies
That draws us to our knees and causes us to long for hope

The windows we look through frame the view very close at hand
We cannot see Beyond; the future like an umbral wraith
While we struggle with so much that we do not understand
Here in a land dew-kissed, storm-tossed that makes us long for faith

The path of circumstance is full of unexpected turns
The way of days laid out like steppingstones across time’s sod
The windows we look through frame scenes where the sojourner yearns
For life’s unfailing Confidence; this makes us long for God

© Janet Martin

In the milling crowd I saw him squat beside his little girl, say something to her, then he stood and fixed a syringe to her feeding tube waiting for its sustaining drip-drip to drain into his precious child’s afflicted body.
 I approached him and we chatted a little and he told me of their Valley.
 I asked his name and the names of his family…names I had trouble pronouncing so he smiled and said, ‘call me Job because the English translation of my name is Job’.
I told Job I would pray for him and his family and he thanked me with a calm sincerity that only a true believer can shine, then replied,  'We believe in Jesus. We will be okay!’

What a triumphant proclamation this is for all believers; "We believe in Jesus. We will be okay!”

No matter where life's path may lead 
or what others may say,
if we believe in Jesus 
we will be okay!

Romans 8:31
What then shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us!

Some assurance songs to lift our hearts in praise to He who knows all of our days!

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