Friday, August 12, 2016

If We Look, Look

Above page from Anne of Windy Poplars

If we look, look, right where we are
And count the beauty that we see
The sky all polka-dot with stars
The morning’s quiet victory
The thrum of rain-drops on the roof
The clouds billowed on blue above
If we look, look we will find proof
That life is full of goodness, love

If we are weighed with daily care
And struggle through each day to day
Consumed with burdens we must bear
How much we miss along the way
Summer’s wild-flower thoroughfare
That runs its rivers through the fence
The rainbow-tinsel-colored air
Of childish laughter; innocence

Of dusk that does not seal our fate
But simply closes a small door
Of love, that never fills our plate
But always leaves us wanting more
Of smiles that gentle every face
Of hope in spite of heartache, yes
Of forgive-and-forgetting grace
That fills the heart with happiness

If we look, look, right where we are
And count the blessings that we see
And remember, God is not far
Nor ever forgets you or me
Then, if we look with thankful eyes
Past all the troubles we have had
Then it should come as no surprise
We find kind reasons to be glad

© Janet Martin

 A Glimpse at my yesterday-gladness:)

Little girl in big, green sun-hat constantly asking 'what I do now?'
so we went tomato-picking

 Her sweet, sweet sister, a lisping 6 yr. old chatter-box, waiting for new front teeth

and rain! glorious, glorious much needed rain!


  1. Oh, what a lovely poem that echoes in my deepest soul!
    And a lovely day with two sets of young, unfettered eyes to inspire even more fresh perspective. Was just talking with a friend about the delightful and literal "why?" questions from children that remind us how our younger brains were processing experiences very differently than at present age! (Example from 10-yr-old in passenger seat, at loong red light, with no traffic for miles: But WHY can't we go?") Thank you for sharing these precious reflections.

    1. lol! they ARE THE BEST! even on the days when my eyes are rolling in all directions and I'm not sure in which direction I'm walking. 6 here today but Victoria is home to help!
      My 22 yr. old daughter walked through the kitchen, wide-eyed, a minute ago and said, Mom! I don't know where to go. There's babies everywhere!!! Her perspective: 'they're so cute to look at but I don't have a clue what to say or do with them';-))

      thank-you always for your thoughts.


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