Tuesday, July 26, 2016

What Is This?

 This ebb and flow
This yes and no
Where does time go?

This fight, this flight
This wrong and right
This may and might
This day and night

This bud and bloom
From womb to tomb
This morning-noon
This season-swoon

This hold, then fold
This gray and gold
This hot then cold
This young-to-old

This birth and breath
This earthen hearth
This dirt and death
This fear and faith

This sow and reap
This toil and sleep
This crawl and leap
Of little keep

This live-and-learn
This No return
This dream-and-yearn
And spend and earn

…and getting, oh,
And letting go
This sun-set show

This sweat-stained sod
This groan-applaud
Is not for naught
This; Love of God

© Janet Martin

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