Thursday, July 14, 2016


 Already half-way through July?!
My heart lurches a little as my favorite months fly...
Tonight we sat on the deck 'til after dark,
soaking in the summer-night soft moonlight serenade

Time pours through summer’s sultry sieve
Soft-swift it sifts its gifted plume
And splays its colors on the eve
That weaves fond memories with its loom

How fluid summer’s hours pass
We grapple with the bloom of them
Only to see upon the grass
Tatters scattered from summer’s hem

We bear witness to summer’s ways
Laughter and mourning intertwine
For soon the swoon of twilight splays
Like crocuses on heaven’s vine

The earth is full of green and gold
It holds the hope for days to come
When warmth is traded in for cold
After we bring its harvest home

Time pours through summer’s sultry eve
And leaves us fully glad and sad
Because we know soon we will grieve
The lovely summer that we had

© Janet Martin

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