Friday, July 1, 2016

Summer Breeze Melodies

 and Victoria playing As Time Goes By on the piano 

 and a sort of rain-ish, cool-ish Canada Day Holiday, today lends itself to poetry:)

Summer breeze teases the tree-tops with sighs
It has forgotten yesterday’s good-byes
Here is a new day unraveling bliss
Life is too short to miss moments like this

Summer breeze eases high-noon from the clock
Soon dusk-blue shadows will darken the walk
Time is a whisper yet weighs us with need
Fear is like poison; let faith intercede

Summer breeze murmurs in jasmine and rose
Shimmers in curtains where pale moonlight glows
Humble, the poet, that reaches to snare
Pictures of moments fading to thin air

Summer breeze teases the tree-tops with sighs
Life is a circle of hellos-goodbyes
Moment to moment to memory, oh
Love makes the holding worth the letting go

© Janet Martin


  1. Such a lovely poem! I especially love the lat two stanzas; so true!

    Happy Canada Day, for yesterday, and yes, it was a very cool one!


    1. Hi Poppy,

      Thank-you:) yes, it was as unusually cool as the previous weekend was unusually HOT!


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