Saturday, July 2, 2016

On Summer Nights Like These...

Poetic Bloomings Pompt day Two: Today's feature, Smiles of a Summer Night

Sultry breeze spirals then settles at dusk
Hummingbird whirs where each bloom is a cup
Afternoon washes bare feet then recedes
Blue, like a tide on summer’s sky-wide sea

Sun-drenched day softens, horizons subside
Noon was a young man with dreams in his stride
Time slows its gait now, forgets its demands
Undresses wishes with whisper-like hands

Noise on the highway is muffled with dark
Boys and girls slumber, somewhere a dog barks
Moon is a skiff set a-drift all alone
Stars splay like broken glass caught in the sun

Jasmine and clover perfume heaven’s wand
Salt-flavored wind-skin-heart-sea-song are one
Temptation is a word too young for us
Darling, the night is blurred with dew and dust

Touch is a servant to thought’s hungry eyes
We’ve known each other too long for surprise
Summer breeze murmurs in raven-leafed trees
Earth is half-heaven on midnights like these

© Janet Martin

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