Monday, July 11, 2016

Of Time Flies and Skies

I missed the Poetic Bloomings prompts on the week-end due to busy Summer-ness

We had a spectacular cloud show on Friday evening!
The air had an ominous feel beneath colors somewhat surreal...
But all we got was wind with a bit of rain. Still very dry here.

Time flies, we say and bend that old cliché into a sigh
The paradise of yesterday is like a summer sky
So far away; yet close enough to steal our restless gaze
With gold and gray as hold and letting go numbers our days

Darling, our dreams are lofty like a fleet of clouds and stars
Trial and error teems and often melds triumph with scars
Present-day pain and pleasure fray; tomorrow bides its time
Like clouds above a summer day, always too far to climb

Time holds out trays laden with Days; its age-old ways compete
What we should do with what we do; each off’ring bitter-sweet
They waft up to the clouds that sail so soft on summer blue
To regale us with echoes on some yonder avenue

© Janet Martin

Thank-you Cyndy, for reminding me how time flies and reviving an oldie on your blog today!
I like the word 'Garnet'!

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