Monday, July 11, 2016

Language of *Summer-ies (*some summer memories:)

Today's Poetic Bloomings prompt: Language of summer
Use at least four of these ten phrases in a poem...

Here are your ten:
"dog days of summer..."                    
"children running through a water sprinkler..."
"enjoy a chilled glass of___________"                    
"catch a wave..."
"kissed by the sun..."                                                        
"listen to the waves at the seashore..."
"I wish we never have to leave the beach..."                                                      
"summer nights under the stars..."
"lazy (or hazy, crazy) days of summer..."                            
"crank up theA/C (air conditioning)..."

A Summer Evening Thunderstorm 
These photos were taken the other night.
The 'photos' in this poem taken many summers ago.

With Mother’s ‘you may go out in bare feet’
Summer's soft advent was complete

Farm-life heaven with its
Hard working ways
Made a little girl wonder
Who came up with the phrase
Those lazy summer days’

We never did  
'listen to waves at the seashore'
Only story-book families went to the beach
We preserved summer in jars galore
Of plum, pear, apple, tomato and peach

But we did spend  
summer nights under the stars
Waking damp and dew-kissed by the sunrise
To a new days chores
While pine trees whispered
And willow-winds sighed
And maple-manes flaunted
The symbol of Canadian pride

Slap of screen-door,
Kool-Aid moustache
Children running through the water sprinkler
Enjoy a chilled glass of 
Iced mint-leaf tea
The air flushed with 
Threshing dust,
And wanderlust
As I catch a wave
With summer-memory

© Janet Martin

Life on a farm for a child was a healthy intermingling of work and all the sweeter after the 'first-comes-work'!

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