Monday, July 4, 2016

Far-off Nearby or Human-Nature

use contrast as your title then write something that relates to summer somewhere in the poem

 (the girl in the photo is quite innocent of such storms just yet, 
and I enjoy this calm before the learning-when-to-keep-mum;-)

We are quite different, my dear, you and I
My numbered years with your much younger vie
Yesterday, as if stating something quite new
You declared, 'I’ll never see eye to eye with you'
And I couldn’t help but smile just a little bit
As I recalled the wee while when you used to fit
In the crook of my arms without a fight
Our only battle-line drawn in middle-night
Then I thought these days were far-off as the sky
That waits winter-gray for true-blue of July
While the white storm howls through saplings standing free
Against the jowls of nature in the shelter of full-grown trees

©Janet Martin


  1. Having four grown daughters, this poem touched me - deep! Beautifully written! Blessings!

    1. thank-you:) I replied to this 'incident', 'time has always, will always be a great teacher!


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